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The doctor  prescribed Rimonabant for me but the costs were too high. I am glad that I found your generic products. They present 100% quality and the cost is quite low. Thank you very much.
- - Peter


Trial Results from Rimonabant

The RIO-Europe trial gathered 1507 random patients with weight problems. Some received  rimonabant (either 5 mg or 20 mg) and the other a placebo. After two years, the ones taking 20 mg of rimonabant presented a considerable weight and waist reduction. Patients lost in average around 15 - 20 pounds  and reduced their waist by 7.5cm (placebo patients lost only 5 pounds and reduced waist size by 3.4 cm.) Moreover, the 20 mg of rimonabant intake also shows that patients had almost a 30% increase in their HDL cholesterol and 9% reduction in triglycerides. However, the most impressive is that patients with metabolic syndrome was reduced by 50% (patients taking rimonabant). Patients that took the 5 mg dose also showed positive results but in lower proportions.

There were a few side effects but all were minor and temporary. The most common was nausea, diarrhea, vomiting and dizziness. Severe side effects like depression, did not materialize.


By: RIO-Europe